The T.J. Maxx Shopping Plaza in Manchester, New Hampshire is cutting costs and saving energy while simultaneously improving lighting and aesthetics by installing BetaLEDs. A total energy and maintenance cost savings per year is projected to be over $15,000. The calculation assumes that the BetaLED luminaires will operate for 12 hours per day (high mode for five hours and low mode for seven hours) and previous high maintenance costs will be significantly reduced. The estimated payback period for the installation is only three years based on the current electric rate of $0.14/kWh, provided by the Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), and maintenance costs incurred at the property for the previously installed fixtures. David J. Wahr, president of CW Companies and Principal of the shopping center owner was pleased to announce, “We will virtually eliminate $10,000 in annual maintenance costs and we expect to recover our investment in equipment costs in three years.”

Key Facts
  • Energy costs are expected to be lowered by 58 percent.
  • 47 percent reduction in light levels while meeting IESNA illuminance recommendation.
  • Estimated energy reduction of over 44,000 kWh and $6,000 annually.
  • Contribution to a $10,000 reduction in annual maintenance costs.
  • An approximate three year payback is anticipated.


TJ Maxx


Parking Lot Lighting


Manchester, NH

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