The South Entry Parking Structure at the University of California-Davis in Davis, California just got safer and more cost effective with the installation of BetaLED lighting technology. The new lights feature activity-sensing technology that provides enhanced nighttime visibility while reducing energy consumption. By including bi-level activity-sensing Smart Technology into the BetaLED fixtures, the structure features energy savings of 50 percent when the lights are at full power and 80 percent when at half power. They are also virtually maintenance free and have a lifespan of 20-25 years. The University expects to earn payback on their investment in five years.

Key Facts
  • BetaLED lighting technology produces a more targeted light for greater visibility.
  • Activity-sensing Smart Technology senses movement and lowers or raises the amount of energy used accordingly.
  • UC-Davis expects to receive a return on investment in five years.


South Entry Parking Structure


Parking Lot Lighting


University of California, Davis

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