The Chestnut Hill Star Market in Newton, Massachusetts was a test run for its parent company Supervalu to study energy-efficient technologies to use in their stores nationwide. The choice of LEDway lights provides a low energy use and reduced luminaire maintenance which in turn provides a cost-effective, long-life lighting solution. They also meet local lighting mandates for cutoff while providing improved lighting performance that enhances visibility and security while saving an estimated 50-65% in energy consumption. “This is a win for everyone involved,” said Ken Mahtesian, senior project manager for Supervalu/Shaws Division. “The landlord is thrilled with the parking lot’s appearance, and since there is a common area maintenance fee, the other tenants and Star Market couldn’t be happier with the reduction in energy and maintenance costs.” If adopted at the numerous Supervalu stores nationwide this could result in a net saving of $35 million.

Key Facts
  • Chestnut Hill Star Market was able to cut energy consumption and improve lighting by using LEDway lights.
  • Met local lighting mandates for cutoff while simultaneously enhancing visibility and security.
  • This change could eventually save the company $35 million.


Chestnut Hill Star Market


Parking Lot Lighting


Newton, MA