Carl’s Jr. in Carpinteria, CA, redesigned their parking lot for a dramatic improvement in lighting performance. Nine BetaLED luminaires consuming 257 watts were installed instead of metal halide high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures that consume 455 watts. The performance of the BetaLED luminaires translates into a total annual energy and maintenance savings of over $1,300. Energy savings would be even greater for Carl’s Jr. sites that retrofit the company’s standard 750 watt pulse start metal halide lighting solution with energy-efficient BetaLED luminaires.

Key Facts
  • Significantly increased lighting performance while meeting California’s Title 24 requirements.
  • Greater than a 50% energy savings compared to the typical metal halide lighting system.
  • Achieves virtually maintenance-free operation for approximately 12 years (over 50,000 hours).


Carl’s Jr.


Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade


Carpinteria, CA

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